Monday, April 07, 2014

People I don't talk to anymore

Recently I was sorting through my things in my old bedroom at my parents house.  I found a nice box of scraps, old letters, mood rings, and trinkets from my friends from grade school.  I found this letter from my first best friend.  

She told me how we’d all be best friends forever.


I thought about all the people that pass through our lives, some just for a season.  They leave you with memories, teach you something, share in some part of the story of your life. Sometimes those people do stay with you forever, and even when they don’t maybe a little part of them does. Nowadays with the internet its not too hard to find old faces and friends and stay in touch, but it's also easy to not actually talk to people anymore. I felt inspired to start a little project to try to remedy that a bit; a journey through memory and hopefully a chance to reconnect with some good people. 

This goes out to all the people that have passed through my life and brought a smile or story :)

to all the wonderful people
and to some hazy faces of classmates forgotten

so coming soon: old school classmates, unconquered middle school romances, and neighborhood bullies. (if you're in any of my old yearbooks, consider yourself warned :) )

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(and some that I do)




Goro Fujita said...

Yes, yes and yes!!!

RETA said...

Delightful blogspot!!!!


Parmjeet Johal said...

Great work, well put together.

Crystal King said...

Love it!

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Gaby Suarez said...

Miss Olivares You are such an inspiration! I adore your life moment illustrations and admire [immensely] your perspective of the world. Keep up the amazing work!

-Gaby Suarez