Thursday, November 15, 2012

CTN soon!

Come check us out at CTNexpo 2012!!!!!!!!

I'll be at CTN with some of my friends from Dreamworks! Stevie Lewis, Priscilla Wong, and Floriane Marchix and I will be sharing a booth, and sharing a collaborative sketchbook: Hopscotch:

I'll also be selling my sketchbook collection book....

(caricature of Alessandro Chirico and Tania Sandroni of Squash and Stretch)


Amy Kim said...

I saw that you did awesome caricatures of my friends at wondercon, I wanna get one at CTN!! Can't wait!

Austin Reinkens said...

super cool caricatures! cant wait to meet you at the conference and possibly get a caricature!

Christopher Campbell said...

That's awesome! All you guys are such great artists! Unfortunately, as an art student in Ohio, I have no hope of making it to CTN this year.... would it be possible to "order" a sketchbook?

Alex said...

Awesome caricatures, they look familiar... :D:D

Megan said...

Saw your awesome caricatures at CTN! Decided to hunt down your blog--so glad I came! Your artwork is wonderful!

Arthur Fong said...

your booth looked awesome! You were being such a badass, I didn't get to say hello.

lindsey olivares said...

Amy and Austin, nice meeting you guys!

Christopher- the book is available on the gallery nucleus site now!

Thanks Megan!

Arthur-Thanks! Yeaah I was bummed I missed you :(, I saw you talking to priscilla then you disappeared!

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