Thursday, October 11, 2012


Just a couple days away!

I'll be at booth 652A

I'll be selling sketchbooks, received them today, just in time!

They're a collection of my sketchbook drawings compiled together.  It's 132 black and white pages of a bunch of work/friend/cafe sketches.  Cozy handheld size :)

Also, I'll be doing live caricatures! 

I love doing caricatures, and want to try out having a caricature booth at ape.  If it goes well maybe I'll be a peddler wandering the streets with a tip jar, marker box, and caricature sign.


Caro said...

20Can't wait to see more of this book! Will you be doing caricatures at CTN??? Hope you dooooo! :D

Avner Geller said...

So Great Lindsey!! ahh that last caricature of the infamous duo... can't go wrong :)

Cassie said...

I'm not able to attend! Is there a way to still purchase your sketchbook? I hope so!

Rachel Wolfe said...

pleeeaaase tell me you are going to be selling those at CTN! I would love to purchase one :)

lindsey olivares said...

Caro-Yes! Really enjoyed doing them at APE, excited for round 2!

Cassie- I'll have something up for online sales after CTN

Rachel- Yes will have books for sale at CTN! see you there!

C├ęsar Rosolino Pasqualinotto said...

Oh my god, your thumb is broken!:d Just kidding! i love your amazing art lindsey! thanks you for share it o/