Monday, September 24, 2012


To all the San Francisco people out there, next month I'm excited to have a table at APE expo where I'll be doing caricatures and selling sketchbooks.  I'm in the process of printing a small book of a collection of moleskin sketchbooks...mostly drawings from life and work from my post Ringling - PDI dreamworks era.  A lot from on the blog as well as sketches I haven't posted.  If you're in the area come check it out, and say hi, should be a good time!  October 13-14th 

And in November, I'll be exhibiting at CTN in burbank.  I'll be sharing a booth with a few of my wonderful former coworkers from Dreamworks.  Check out: Floriane Marchix, Priscilla Wong, Stevie Lewis.  We're going to be selling our own prints/postcards/etc and selling a collaborative sketchbook, Hopscotch.  Looking forward to sharing it!

Animation expo

oh, and I also got one of these things:

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Lindsey Lydecker said...

aww you're coming to my home town! :) Have fun at CTNX Lolivares. You lost the game. <3 kbyethanx

lindsey olivares said...

dang you!

and hopefully I can run into you at pavillions or someplace again :)

Kriyani said...

Cool I will be at both. I will Have a table at APE for our upcoming graphic novel release. See you there.

Vencys_lao said...

Thanks for comment at my blog mrs. Olivares!
It's a honnor!
Your work is terrific! :D

tovonaina said...

Excited for you!! I am going to CTN for the first time. I will pass by

lindsey olivares said...


And looking forward to seeing you tovo!! It's been too long :)