Friday, September 07, 2012


I just recently bought my first real big kid bike before moving out to my little farming/river town.  
I love it.

I think I've successfully made my life more like this

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Alex said...

love them all! The 3rd one is great!

Hannah Tuohy said...

Absolutely beautiful! The color palettes you chose for each section are perfect. And wide open spaces are the best!

Gio M. said...

SOme real jaw dropping stuff. You went out of bounds on these..

Kendra Melton said...

Love all of these! You always have such beautiful color.

Jasmine Hope said...

I usually bike in and I LOVE IT.. however (of course) I picked the car this morning and now I'm feeling sad that I did.

You're drawings are amazing, as always!

Phil Spehar said...

Looks like fun!

Carrie Liao said...

oh my gosh, these are beautiful! I feel more cheerful just looking at them.

<3 biking

Brian J Boyd said...

Hey, this is your hairdresser from SRQ, Brian. This is really wonderful. I bike a lot, and it's almost always a pleasure. Thank you for putting that into pictures.

Take good care,


Honda Rivera said...

beautifully made!!! :D

Junko Miyakoshi said...

Wow, another awesome post!!
Love your color choices and your style :)
Congrats on your new bike!


C.Deboda said...

Great colors! Always fun seeing all these animated gifs too.

Gillibean said...

Sooo awesome! love every single thing about this post! haha!

Dattaraj Kamat said...

Wow! Love these!!

Romain said...

Lovely !
Makes me want to grab my bike and do the same :)

Elaine Chen said...

This is something I do sometimes myself and love to do more of! and the art too is simple yet beautiful..amazing amazing!

ilovesketchbook said...

I really like your animation concepts. You did the animation in photoshpo?

Christopher Campbell said...

Great work, Lindsey. Love your style and it is SUPER fun to see it move!

lindsey olivares said...

Thanks everyone!

Brian- Good to hear from you! I always wanted to bike around Sarasota, but never had a bike!

@ilovesketchbook- yes! I initially do all the drawings and test it out in photoshop...but for cycles and timing its easier to work in premier, I final everything out in aftereffects, and then back to photoshop to make the GIF, the circle of adobe :)

Gloria said...

love love love your works!!

Yonatan Tal said...

This gif actually made me smile!
Great atmosphere!

César Rosolino Pasqualinotto said...

haha magical and fun what you do o/

Elaine Chen said...

Just came back to this lovely post again and happen to read about the Adobe cycle method. I find photoshop hard to animate in, do you use the timeline or the frames just out of curiosity. How would you time in premier? Imported stills?

Parmjeet Johal said...

These are so good, I recently bought myself a bike too, a sort of vintage dutch style one.

Robert Trujillo/Tres said...

These are so simple and beautiful! Inspires me to do my own!

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